Compensation claims arising, for example, from personal injuries in road traffic accidents

Compensation claims arising, for example, from personal injuries in road traffic accidents


If you have suffered serious personal injury from a road traffic accident in Hungary, or if you have been in an accident in Budapest or in England, e.g. in London, you may find yourself in a difficult situation in seeking to pursue your claim as a Hungarian citizen in the United Kingdom or as a UK citizen in Hungary.

So, if the injured person (e.g., a pedestrian) is Hungarian and is involved in a road traffic accident resulting serious personal injury in England, then we can provide appropriate legal help to resolve this type of claim. It is a similar situation if the Hungarian claimant suffers an accident as a driver or a passenger of a vehicle in the UK. Likewise, when an English person is injured in a traffic accident in Hungary, irrespective of whether they are a tourist or an employee, or even a permanent resident.

One of the common causes of traffic accidents for nationals in the other’s jurisdiction is the difference between the left-hand and right-hand drive traffic systems of these two countries. Nevertheless, due to the cultural sensitivity of English law about this difference, when someone a non-UK national suffers serious personal injury in connection with these different traffic rules, they may still present a claim for compensation even if they consider themselves at least partially responsible for the accident. Another major difference is the amount of damages payable in either country.

The rules of English law in this field are significantly different from those in Hungarian law. Therefore, when the claim is connected to both legal systems, the claimant is strongly advised to gain professional advice for the successful prosecution of their compensation claim.

Our law firm has extensive practice and experience in pursuing claims for compensation in these types of cases in either or both jurisdictions. We would be happy to advise you on these and all related matters in the positive realisation of your claim.  

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